From low to high

Annelannelie_pompe_2%20copy[1]ie Pompe holds the world record in freediving – she has dived an impressive 126 meters in one single breath. She has also climbed the world’s highest mountain. Annelie Pompe is working with adventure and the world is her field of work. One autumn evening, she visited do-be consulting to share stories about her world records, challenges and motivations with an engaged audience.

Annelie Pompe practices what she preaches. She shared an incredible story about her adventures – images and short films mixed with committed speech. But at the same time Pompe performs this job with much preparation, planning and training. To accustom her body against the cold to cope with the great depths and great heights, to train her mind to believe in the impossible and to not give up and to always pay attention to the details. Annelie talked about her stay with Buddhist monks in Thailand, where she lived in total silence for ten days. Everyday life was characterised by meditation and yoga from 4  am to 9 pm – then sleep on a wooden bunk with a wooden pillow. To meet yourself in silence was a big challenge and after three days she almost gave up. – It is the things we find difficult we need to practice the most says Annelie Pompe. It is a part of achieving ones goals.

Annelie’s ethos is that we shape our lives ourselves. Our body and our thoughts we can control the most. External circumstances are more difficult to control. What we can do is to decide which approach we will take to the changes that happen along the way. How we choose to deal with external circumstances. With our thoughts, our attitude and our approach we can influence what we do. Basically it is about the courage to lead and to understand yourself.

But Annelie does so much more than diving and climbing. She is a photographer, writer, yoga instructor, coach, motivator, and much more. Through her positive and committed ethos, she can deal with fears and achieve so much of her dreams. It was an inspiring evening from which many of us will take learnings to face our own challenges.