Full service bank – review of organisation


The main strategy and business model for the bank is to provide qualified advice concerning private financials. After merging with another bank, the need to conduct a thorough analysis and reappraisal of the organisation was raised. This was done to generate suggestions on how to free time in the branches.


Support the bank in conducting a pre-study to generate activities and a project frame work. The pre-study should monitor and analyse central processes in service and support and customer processes within Savings, Loans, and Payments.


Focus on monitoring and analysis together with communicational efforts to gain awareness of the goals and context from a holistic point of view. The big picture was more important than details. Suggestions generated were documented in score cards that the steering committee could review and use as a basis for management decisions.

Several assignments were generated as a result of the pre-study. Roles and responsibilities in the head office were clarified, service processes were revised and improved and the support organisation was restructured to better assist employees in providing service to customers.


Clarified and more efficient product- and service processes, enabling branch employees to focus on advisory services to prioritised customers.

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