• We manage change -

    our mission and strategy

Our values

Competence – We distinguish ourselves in everything we do; we are knowledgeable and experienced. We are socially competent and helpful, safe and skillful. We have the ability to add value to our customers.

Respect – We respect and value all individuals. We listen, have integrity and treat others as we wish to be treated ourselves. We get the trust we earn from our customers by being open, honest and collaborative. We value mutual respect.

 Ambition – We always strive to be better, to never settle down and always look ahead. Our ambition is what drives us and what makes us always want to give our clients the best results. Our entrepreneurial spirit makes us want to grow as people and as a company.

About us

  We want our customers to succeed on their own after we have left. To create sustainable value it is important for us to:

                           –  work close to our customers and share knowledge,

                           –  only work with experienced senior consultants,

                           –  create a supportive and transparent work environment,

                           –  not transform your reality into a standard model and

                           –  not leave any questions unanswered when we leave our assignments.

Our mission

We Manage Change

We strive to help businesses manage and implement successful changes and to exceed expectations.

Our strategy


We do this together with management, because we believe that no change will be stronger than its owner.

We Create Value

We contribute with customised solutions that reflect the needs, organisation and environment of our customers.


No value will be greater than the ability to solve the challenges allong the way. do-be c. has a strong ability to clarify and execute. 

We Inspire People

We always have competent, creative, responsible and ambitious consultants who can inspire and share their ideas and experience with others.


Strategies will not be better than what people want or are able to do. do-be c. gets people at all levels of an organization to collaborate and grow as individuals.