Digitization means that the significance of your innovation is increasing.

With this theme, do-be consulting invited their customers and partners to a breakfast seminar at their Stockholm office. Speaker was also Magnus P Karlsson, adj. Professor of Innovation Management at KTH

Participating executives from numerous industries and government offices shared actively their challenges in areas such strategic planning, processes, and culture.

“This is exactly what is on our table right now” – executive from a Global transport company

“One of the best breakfast seminars I ever attended” – CEO of global corporation

It was a wide gathering of leaders with high expectations that seated the conference department at do-be consulting’s office in Stockholm city centre. Everyone expecting to gain insights and shared experiences within two of the most anxious subjects that today’s organizations strive to grasp right now; Digitization and Innovation.

After a short presentation of do-be consulting by CEO Anders Holmquist, founder of the company, we presented definitions and showed inspiring examples of successful digitization and innovation as well as good sources of inspiration for one’s own strategy and implementation work. do-be consulting highlighted the connection between the efficient execution and a well-developed strategy and how they influence each other in a reciprocal cycle.

With the topic opened and defined Adj. Prof. Magnus P Karlsson then shared his most important insights regarding digitization and innovation and shared the latest research on the topics is right now. He also showed examples of successful approaches and tools.

“Many are surprised when we present the innovation areas that provide maximum leverage,” said Magnus P Karlsson and showed clear evidence that investment in customer experience and business development provides a better return than the traditional product and service development.

Magnus P Karlsson also shared relevant abilities and factors that determine an organization’s digitization, innovation, and ability to change, followed by a self-assessment exercise that the participants discussed in small groups and even take home to their offices – to make their own analysis with their colleagues. Important perspectives for these factors and abilities are Culture, Process, and Action. “To analyse and work with these factors works in small teams as well as in the entire organization” said Magnus P Karlsson.

do-be consulting continued to show how customers and partners to do-be consulting as well as other successful companies and organizations engaged in digitization and innovation. We believes that “Digital transformation is based on a well-formulated strategy and that this strategy matched by an evolving ability of an effective change management, implementation and procedures all together builds a solid foundation for success”. “The most successful organisations then do this”.

Finally, we illuminated the abilities that support a successful digitization work best – the ability to:

1, create your digital vision

2, transform your organization

3, create digital businesses and optimize them

4, utilize existing technologies

5, create an attractive customer experience

do-be consulting then showed how to strengthen the innovation capacity of a company or organization. We referred to successful customers and Magnus P Karlsson’s insights when he counsels anyone who wants to strengthen their innovation capability platform: create awareness in the top management team and integrate innovation into the strategic planning.

The entire event was concluded with a dedicated question and answer session where participants focused among several challenges regarding the relationship between strategy and culture, and the possible similarities and differences regarding the challenges between small and large or newly established businesses / organizations.

The need for monitoring and a more inclusive approach was also something that was discussed before participants broke up and took the insights, methods for self-assessment and a reinforced energy to continue strengthening their abilities in digitization and innovation.

In January 2017, do-be consulting will have a similar seminar at its Öresund Malmö office.