CMP docks after a journey of change

Opejonas arkestadrations clearly signalled a need for increased efficiency in processes within the maintenance department and the greatest business area within CMP. There was a discrepancy between customer needs and the service offer and the largest division P&TO (Port & Terminal Operations) needed to improve its earnings. The process for maintenance of machines and equipment also needed to be more efficient.

Journey of change with great challenges

From an urgent and large need for investments at P&TO, a work group drafted a proposal for change with aim to increase efficiency. The proposal meant that operation- and service of certain machinery was to be handled by an external partner (operational leasing) whereas cranes and other heavy machines of central importance continuously would stay owned by CMP themselves.

One aspect of the challenge was to handle a certain frustration and turbulence among staff at maintenance and PT&O- frustration manifested in discontent, leakage of energy and a dissatisfying work environment. Consequences of the proposal was a sensitive matter and a decision on implementing the changes suggested would raise strong emotional reactions. Due to this the importance of managing change in a systematic and correct manner was increased.

Historically, CMP had made several attempts to start managing this process of change, but for different reasons former initiatives had not led to satisfying results.

 do-be consulting a catalyst in the process of change

 CMP management decided to contract do-be consulting to lead the change management process and steer the work towards targeted goals. Three consultants from do-be consulting worked with this assignment in all phases throughout the process. Initially a situation assessment was conducted, common goals were formulated and a thorough action plan was finalised.

During the phase of implementation, do-be consulting contributed with competence within change management, strategy and governance.

  • do-be consulting contributed with solid expertise and had the opportunity to work with a holistic approach understanding all aspects and parts of the organisation, Jonas Arkestad CFO at CMP AB says. – They were a catalyst in the process of change and realised the importance of creating establishment and a common understanding of processes and changes implemented to everyone. This holistic approach, together with tools and support from the consultants contributed to success in the efforts made. Jonas also emphasises the value of working with an external, neutral, partner in this, a partner that could take on a different perspective in assessments.

A critical factor for success was different aspects of clear and direct communication, something that the consultants from do-be consulting realised at an early stage. Through relevant argumentation and dialogue with employees affected, an increased understanding and motivation for working towards common goals was obtained. Roles and responsibilities were made distinct and clearer for employees.

A journey about to end

Today the follow-up phase is initiated. Do-be consulting are working with a follow-up on how the changes have been received by operations and what effects can be measured. CMP are very pleased with the results. All targeted goals are expected to be fulfilled, which by other things means:

  •  Increased flexibility and decreased risks
  • Improved work environment for staff. Clearly defined roles and responsibilities which has added to greater feeling of security and engagement
  • Decreased costs for maintenance
  • Well organised department with a clear service offer
  • Well defined processes
  • Similar processes and services for maintenance and P&TO in Malmö and Copenhagen which means better resource management and utilisation, synergies and economy of scale.

do-be consulting and their competence has meant a great deal to us in this process of change. We can already see positive synergies from implemented organisational changes and it has led to new activities – a positive spiral is in motion. We confidently look forward to a new year and new challenges for CMP, Jonas concludes.