VA SYD – merge new business and create M&A model


VA SYD – supplies fresh drinking water, treats wastewater and is in charge of the waste management for more than half a million people. VA SYD is a municipal association in a strong expansion phase. To meet the forthcoming accession of VA operations, VA SYD was in need of a proven transition and transformation model and process.


Create a successful connection of Eslöv VA business and develop a process and working model for the continued expansion.


We took our starting point from the effects of the previous mergers . It was important for Eslöv to better know what they would be a part of. This was done in a series of WS with a committed management and employees within VA SYD. After this we created a project model with clear ownership of the subprojects. Overall, more than 80 people were involved in the project, which lasted for 9 months.


Eslöv’s business was incorporated into VA SYD in a very successful manner. The project created a “we-feeling” from the start and VA SYD has now a proven model for the continued expansion.

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