TDC Sverige – Develop and clarify business model


TDC Sverige is a Nordic based Telecom Company. TDC was to participate in a large procurement (>1 billion SEK) in the area of “Communication as a service”, where the client’s objective was to go from many existing suppliers to one main supplier. The contract was related to business transition involving equipment, systems and personnel. The challenge for TDC was that the telephony platform is Northern Europe’s largest DECT installations, and that TDC had to adapt and develop their service delivery in the area of “Communication as a service”. A very complex contract, with many stakeholders and high business risk.


  • Support TDC to develop a new business model around “Communications as a service“
  • Establish a methodology for detailed cost of sourcing items.
  • Develop a financial analysis tool for simulating different scenarios and training in methodology regarding benefit analysis
  • Plan and implement projects for business transition – comprehensive equipment, systems and personnel


Early create a stakeholder analysis (internal and external) and in frequent meetings create a common view of the challenge for TDC.


  • A new business model was developed
  • Developed and managed scorecard for each sourcing items. Compiled these scorecards (about 40 items) and created revenue and margin analysis
  • Established program offices for the planning of two major phases: – the transition and transformation phase
  • Staffed identified projects with resources
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