Global developer and manufacturer of Smartphones- Implementation of KPI Scorecard focusing on product portfolio analysis


The company’s head office is based in Taiwan.
In 2010 and 2011 the company put extensive efforts in development of their own brands and initiated production in several parts of the world. Formerly, this company had focused on supplying phones to other mobile phone manufacturers but due to this new strategy they needed to increase product focus.


Together with global product entities identify KPIs for successful product portfolio management and develop a global “score card” for monitoring and follow- ups.


Together with company management and global product managers KPIs were identified and “score cards” were developed to support in securing a strong innovative and profitable product portfolio. Several workshops and presentations were conducted with representatives from different company functions in different geographical markets.


  • Development of global KPI score card
  • Implementation of a new structure for meetings and follow-ups
  • Educational efforts to market managers and other staff functions
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