City of Malmö – Establish a new enterprise service


Malmö city with 20,000 employees has a highly decentralized organization and from the customer’s perspective it is very difficult to find their way among functions and individuals. By creating an Enterprise service with “One way in”, various administrations could provide a comprehensive response to the client group.


Create a model and processes to meet the needs of the entrepreneurs and create ownership for the solution among the involved administrations – change attitudes and beliefs, increase understanding of their operations and processes and train employees in customer service.


First and foremost we secured a strong ownership from the City Office. We focused on mixing skills in customer service and experts in dealing with authority errands . Furthermore we defined and established a model around cohesive customer processes and highlighted the roles and responsibilities.


A well-functioning Enterprise service where quality has improved, the context has been clarified and communicated and the entrepreneurs has shortened their processes with at least one month. The job satisfaction among employees has increased tremendously. Malmö city is now the only municipality in Sweden to meet up to the standard of municipal enterprise service defined in the report produced by the Swedish Standards Institute, EN 884000: 2012.

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