do-be consulting

A management consulting company with offices in Stockholm and the Öresund region.
Our work leads to improvements (do) that provide lasting value (be).

do-be consulting was founded in 2010 by Anders Holmquist. Mika Valtonen-André became partner 2011.

We work with our customers – not for them

Our mission is to ensure that management can use their business resources in the best way possible.

We create lasting value for our customers

Together we create sustainable results and added value by meeting the challenges facing an organisation.

We are the deviationists who think new and inspire

People with varying competences and backgrounds unite. Come and join us.

Experiences from our customers

  • TDC Sverige – Develop and clarify business model

    TDC was to participate in a large procurement in “Communication as a service”, where the client’s objective was to go from many existing suppliers to one main supplier. do-be consulting supported TDC in developing a new business model.

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  • VA SYD – ansluta ny verksamhet

    VA SYD – levererar friskt dricksvatten, renar avloppsvatten och har hand om avfallshantering åt mer än en halv miljon människor. De behövde ett strukturerat angreppssätt för att ansluta nya VA verksamheter och stå starka i den fortsatta expansionen.​

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  • City of Malmö – Establish a new enterprise service

    Malmö city with 20,000 employees has a highly decentralized organization and from the customer’s perspective it is very difficult to find the way among functions and individuals. An Enterprise service with “One way in” was created.

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    - Företagslots i Malmö Stad

  • Swedbank – förvärv av annan bank

    Swedbank AB köpte under 2014 den lokala skånska banken Sparbanken Öresund. Swedbank bad do-be consulting om stöd i två av deras utmaningar; behov av att fortsätta behålla en hög servicenivå och en IT-konvertering av alla kunder.

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  • Apotek Hjärtat – establish a new infrastructure after an aquisition

    Apotek Hjärtat is a large pharmacy retailer in Sweden. In a limited number of weeks Apotek Härtat had to establish their infrastructure , due to the acquisition of 206 pharmacies from Apoteket AB.

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The new generation management agency

We are your local barista, not the international café chain

We are your personal tailor, not the mass-producing clothing giant

We work with our customers, not for them

We are the deviationists who think new 

We are do-be consulting


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