do-be consulting

A management consulting company with offices in Stockholm and the Öresund region.
Our work leads to improvements (do) that provide lasting value (be).

do-be consulting was founded in 2010 by Anders Holmquist. Mika Valtonen-André became partner 2011.

We work with our customers – not for them

Our mission is to ensure that management can use their business resources in the best way possible.

We create lasting value for our customers

Together we create sustainable results and added value by meeting the challenges facing an organisation.

We are the deviationists who think new and inspire

People with varying competences and backgrounds unite. Come and join us.

Experiences from our customers

  • ESS (European Spallation Source) – upphandling och införande av ERP-system

    När ESS startade upp år 2010 införskaffades ett enklare affärssystem. För att möta den snabba och komplexa expansionstakten krävdes år 2012 ett nytt affärssystem som hanterar personal, inköp och ekonomi.

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  • Swedbank – acquisition and merger of a bank

    In 2014, Swedbank AB acquired the local Scania bank Sparbanken Öresund. Swedbank asked do-be consulting for support in two of their challenges; maintain a high level of service to end costumers and technical conversion between IT systems.

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  • LKAB – strengthen and improve the logistics

    LKAB works on global markets and has recently been affected by the declining prices in ore. LKAB wanted to review their logistic supply flows to strengthen their position and reach improvement goals concerning service, sustainability and costs.

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  • ESS (European Spallation Source) – procurement and implementation of a new ERP system

    When ESS started up in 2010 they procured a simpler business system. To meet the rapid and complex pace of expansion a new ERP system was required in 2012, that manages human resources, procurement and finance.

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    - ESS (European Spallation Source)

  • VA SYD – merge new business and create M&A model

    VA SYD – supplies fresh drinking water, treats wastewater and manages waste for more than half a million people. To meet the forthcoming accession of VA operations, VA SYD needed a proven transition and transformation model and process.

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    - VA SYD

The new generation management agency

We are your local barista, not the international café chain

We are your personal tailor, not the mass-producing clothing giant

We work with our customers, not for them

We are the deviationists who think new 

We are do-be consulting


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